DFW Singing Telegrams for Valentine's Day

Love Notes delivery – A Valentine’s Singing Telegram for Dallas Are you looking for something different to give to your Valentine?  You want to impress your mate, so you start thinking out of the box. While everyone is sending bouquet balloons or flowers, you want to do something unique. How about a singing telegram, or …

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Give Your Valentine A Special Singing Telegram $150 This is the busiest day of the year for singing telegrams. Make sure you place your order early because availability is limited, and we always sell out several days before Valentine’s day! Because of the high volume, we are only offering two choices this year (2023) Each …

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Our Wizard will deliver your message and even do a magic trick. 

Well, it’s later than you think. Our Grim Reaper is the perfect choice for those milestone occasions. 30th birthday, 40th birthday, 50th birthday, etc.  Even better for retirement parties!

Our Chicken will cluck around and deliver your message “Chicken Style” with several clucks thrown into the mix for style.

He’s big and hairy and always gets a laugh when he arrives. The gorilla will deliver your message and then take photos with the recipient.

Crazy Bubba is Metroplex’s favorite “Stuck in the City” hillbilly. He gets noticed everywhere he goes. Bubba will seek out the recipient and make him/her feel super special. (And probably embarrassed). Crazy Bubba is the most popular character available at DFW Singing Telegrams.